We have been showing dogs since the early 1960's and have been blessed to have bred multiple Best In Show dogs.
Our Westminster Breed winners include CH Silver Bluff Churchill Downs and GCH Silver Bluff White Mercedes (2011) and our Westminster AOM CH The Duke Of Silver Bluff and CH Silver Bluff White Mercedes (2010).
To finish 2011 we are proud to announce the Eukanuba BOV winner...GCH Silver Bluff Rolls Royce.
We have won National/Regional Specialties and have had #1 toy dogs in their respective breeds for years.
I have won Purina Breeder of the Year by breed in the past.
While breeding many, many champions over the years with the Silver Bluff prefix we have strived to keep the quality, health and temperament representative of the AKC standard and conducive to showing.
We also won the Eukanuba Toy Group in the Breeders Stakes one year.
Thank you to all the judges who have honored our dogs with these wins.
We are very blessed to have these Chihuahuas as a part of our lives!

Not all my dogs have finished their championship, but they all have made an impression in my heart.

GCH Silver Bluff Rolls Royce


GCH Silver Bluff Rolls Royce
1st Longcoat GCH...1st Longcoat Gold GCH
#1 Lifetime AKC GCH Points


#1 Longcoat Dog 2011
Eukanuba Variety Winner
Silver Bluff Station
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